Stop Bullying Expectant Mums

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These professionals are not just targeting Down Syndrome but other people as well, ie other disabliities, the older population,  IN THE WOMB AND FROM THE CRADLE TO THE GRAVE.....

The public need to realise that this is not just happening to Down Syndrome babies, but also to the older
generation, these professionals are a law unto themselves and people need to know that this is happening today.

‎60,000 patients put on death pathway without being told but minister still says controversial... via @MailOnline
60,000 patients put on death pathway without being told but minister still says controversial end-of...
A third of families are also kept in the dark when

My name is Marie Ideson and I am wanting to pre warn expectant parents that what happened to me in 2004, could and will happen to other families.  From an early age we are told to trust the medical profession, but what I experienced was a horror story.

On the 21st September 2004 I found out that I was expecting a baby with Down Syndrome, by the 22nd September 2004 I was conned, bullied, lied too and robbed of my baby.  I was told by these so called professionals that my baby was worse than a Down Syndrome baby, that she had 64 abnormal cells and a Down Syndrome baby has 60 abnormal cells. 

How could I bring a baby into this world to suffer, operation after operation and thats if its born alive.  They said that  my baby was so bad, that they could even arrange the burial.  Lie after lie I was told.

I was in total shock and trauma, when they did this to me and I also had my other children with me.  But that didn't matter to them they just used the situation and said what about these, the burden would end up on them, and thats if its even born alive. I did try to sue and even got my case to a barrister who confirmed that I had been bullied but to fight such an establisment would cost me everything and that they would close ranks.  My solicitor at the time told me to get it out there anyway I could and to warn other expectant parents that this could happen to them. At the time I said to my husband, what if there lying and he said that they wouldn't do that to you, but they did. These people did not have any consent at all for what they did to me, my baby was wanted yet they bullied me into a termination. If you think that this is a total abuse of power and of human rights then please click onto my petition at the top of the page and sign. A Down Syndrome baby has as much right to be here as anyone, who are these people that play God, that they can decide who has a right to be here and who does not have a right to life.


The fact that my little girl Lillie would have been down syndrome, was not the issue it was all the lies that I was told. I have worked with down syndrome adults and already know how loving they are and what they can contribute to society.  I was advised to have downs testing, and told that if my baby was found to have down syndrome, it would just prepare me for the birth, another lie!


At the time I said to  my husband, what if they are lying and he said they won't do that to you, BUT THEY DID, if this had not happened to me I would never have believed it and find it hard to comprehend such evil.  I know someone else that once strived for a perfect world, I most cerainly would not want to go there. I did go on to have a little boy who is now 5years of age, I had no testing at all and thankfully he is here and safe, I will never trust these so called professional people againI

A few years ago downs testing was only offered to mothers 30 years and over, now it is offered to every expectant mother.  Since 2004 more than over 8000 babies have been terminated!  If these tests were about choice then yes it is up to the individual, but I can speak from experience and know that when they have these results, then there are no choices only what they decide to tell you, a total abuse of power!   Since losing my little girl due to lies If I had known what I know today I would not have had any testing at all for down syndrome and she would have been here today.  I urge other parents to consider this, hence there are no choices, only what these professionals decide to tell you

You can contact me either on Facebook, or Email me at [email protected]

Please click on the links below, regarding my story, I was featured in the national paper the Daily Mail and have also appeared on the national television programme This Morning, to try and raise public awareness that this can and will happen to other people. 


There is a facebook page regrading what happened to me, and also a facebook page from a Down Syndrome group called Tricher's Troops, who are right behind my fight for the rights of Down Syndrome babies., 


I found that the current testing can be fatal to the unborn baby, and they are now planning new tests on unborn babies, which will catch even more down syndrome babies, so they don't slip through the net! Please click on the link below:


What is happening to down syndrome babies is international, they are being discriminted against.  Please see the news report from New Zealand, Speaking is Mike Sullivan, down syndrome spokesperson, hence this is happening in other countries too!  Please click on the link below:  On Wednesday the 4th July 2012, an investigation has been launched in New Zealand at the court of Eugenics, into pressure being put onto expectant mums to abort their unborn babies.


We need to be a voice for down syndrome babies, before it is too late.